Around the world


I think there is nothing more exciting than going to a new place on earth and learning something new. Traveling helped me to become a better person, understand how much diversity and beauty the world offers. Through traveling I also learned hardships of lives and ecological catastrophes. Every place is unique and full of its own wonders and problems.

We talk about changing the way we consume things, how we eat or recycle. Why dont we change the way we travel? Nowadays traveling is still a privilege of the rich. We call ourselves educated, we want to learn new cultures, see new places. Very often we treat destinations simply as consumers, and forget that we bring our own influence to their cultures. In fact, in some places whole generation forms a picture of us just on how we behave on trips. And the root to it goes even deeper. From the ultimate division THEM against US.

I believe that tourism should shift into collaborative and co-creative mode. I want to open up a discussion about fair tourism. Is it possible? How to achieve it? How to give fair salaries to people and stop loosing money to chains of agents? I believe that one day we will be humans of the world, global citizens without any artificial borders. If this topic is close to your heart as well, drop me a line!