Project manager


SAKO is a Finnish based firearm manufacturer and is a part of Beretta Group. I led a team to develop the strategies of the innovative safety system for use in the conservative hunting market. I led a team of 10 developers and industrial designers to develop a fully functioning prototype of the electronic safety system integrated into the rifle’s stock. In addition, based on extensive market research I had provided, I contributed to the establishment of SAKO’s brand identity.

SAKO is a rifle manufacturer located in Riihimäki, Finland. The company was founded in 1920s and has come a long way from the early production to the today’s computer aided R&D and CNC manufacturing.

SAKO came up with the concept of the safety system due to mortalities at hunting. The task was given to the team of developers and industrial designers. I led the team as the project manager supporting the process, planning and execution schedules. The team designed, developed and tested the full functioning prototype of the safety system integrated into the stock in just 7 months. The result was presented to SAKO R&D team and was highly praised.

Firearms industry is very conservative and hardly allows any innovation. Along the product development process Anna was also focusing on the extensive market research to build up the brand identity and market launch strategy for the new safety system. She visited two main hunting EXPOs in Europe and conducted interviews with distributors and users of SAKO rifles.

Even though the prototype got very high evaluation, the result of the marketing analysis showed that the time for the innovation was not right and market would not react positively to the electronics in the hunting rifle.