KONE hack team 2018

Junction Hackathon 2018

At KONE we were given a chance to take part in Junction Hackathon
“Junction 2018 was organized in November in Helsinki area, Finland. During one weekend, 1200 hackers from 105 nationalities came together and created over 300 new projects from scratch”.

Together with 4 colleagues from KONE I worked on Facebook Augmented Reality challenge. The main idea of the challenge was to create a new experience for Facebook powered by Spark AR Studio. We worked on the AR app that we called “Haiku and YOU”.  As the result we were able to publish the experience on Facebook and use it for demo.

Photo credit: (c) Aino Röyskö

The comparison to other people’s lives is heavily wired into our monkey brains. It creates a false image of reality and evokes negative emotions. As a result users quit social media altogether. The mindful practice, on the contrary, empowers us to be present in the moment and embrace all emotions. Expressing the real emotion helps to sustain the connection with the real self.

The main idea of our app is to (1) record the feeling of the moment, (2) place an observation/emotion in a form of a Haiku with AR app, (3) share your haiku with the others, near you. 

How it works:
One user creates the haiku at a certain location with AR app and gives someone else the hint of the location (ideal scenario location-based positioning). If someone looks for the haiku, the app will allow to read the haiku once he/she reaches the location. This will trigger the exploration of new places and moods as well as interpersonal interactions.