Innovestor Oy

At Innovestor, a premier co-investment company catering to Russia and the Nordics, I harnessed the power of digital through social media marketing and visual communication re-design. Based on marketing research across benchmarks in the EU I led the transition of web services with modern design principles along the creation of the first brand book.

Innovestor is premier co-investment service that operates in Nordics and Russia. Founded in 2014 in Helsinki, the company offers direct investment channel into the prominent growth companies. Authorised and regulated by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, Innovestor offers the access to pre-vetted deal flow based on VC-standards.

Innovestor outsourced visual communication design to a sub-contractor. Though the logotype, font and major color proposals were executed, the brand book did not exist. In order to successfully build the brand I directed the brand book creation based on my vision through the marketing research. Together with the Tania Hoffrén we made an extended brand proposal with 5 more corporate colours as well as photo guidelines. Based on the brand book we continued with the new web design Project.

Web service of Innovestor needed a significant facelift and strong vision. The web structure included WordPress-based web pages and Salesforce-based investor portal. The two parts of the web service were executed in different styles and did not answer the requirements of desired value proposition. After extensive marketing research I suggested to go for a completely different layout.

The main challenge was to keep company’s image in the borders of equity crowdfunding and traditional venture investing. Another aim was to connect the front end and investor portal’s visual solutions. The web page development was done in collaboration with Gurden Batra and custom CMS executed by Digital Flask.

The project was executed and deployed in the timeframe of three months. The new outlook combined the partner’s vison for the company’s value proposal as well as modern design principles. The new investor portal, closely connected with the front end UX, improved the core service of the company.