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I’m the Nordic grown-up of innate, willing & inquisitive essence. My deepest desire is to apprehend the world through wide opened mind. I find it difficult to be contented with the “what”; it is the “why” I pursue and the “how” I handle.



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Anna Vavilova

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+358 400772789

Robust Skills


Product Development


Service Design




MSc (Tech), International Design Business Management With distinction

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Grade mean 4,35 / 5 (point scale 1-5, 5 best)

01.09.2011 — 30.06.2013

Specialist of Civil Engineering in the field of building technologies Similar to MSc, with distinction

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia
Grade mean 4,85 / 5 (point scale 1-5, 5 best)

01.09.2005 — 01.03.2011


Creative director

Innovestor Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Marketing & communications, media & events, visual communication and brand management, case analysis, design thinking

01.06.2016 — 31.03.2017

Managing director

LUK Design Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Business administration, service design and implementation, marketing and customer relations, project management

01.08.2014 — 01.11.2015

Assistant consultant

Eurofacts Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Assistant consultant for rus-related projects, event management, visual communication facilitation

06.08.2012 — 06.04.2013

Trainee at R&D

KONE Oyj, Hyvinkää, Finland

Preparation of different materials for “People Flow” day 2011; possible division of the Innovation tool

16.05.2011 — 31.08.2011

Trainee at R&D

Arktika LLC, St.Petersburg, Russia

Developing the new ways of possible location of ventilation & conditioning systems, technical drawing with AutoCAD and creation of technical documents for the projects in accordance with the norms and construction rules

01.06.2009 — 31.08.2009, 01.06.2008 — 31.08.2008









My exploratory skills are immense. I absorb life’s realms whether it is depicting best angles of dearest faces or mapping the number of astronomical units to reach Andromeda galaxy. I’m urged to try anything that interests me in the slightest.

Experiences worth mentioning


My main roles: project manager & creative director, content & structure developer.

Innovestor is a premier equity co-investing company from Helsinki. Started in 2012 the company has since grown up to 15 employees and office at Aleksanterinkatu. The web pages needed a significant facelift and strong vision. After extensive marketing research we decided to go for a completely different framework. The main challenge was to keep company’s image between the borders of equity crowdfunding and traditional venture investing. Another aim was to connect the frond end and back end visual solutions.

The new design was executed from 0 to 1 in only three months. We made an extension to the existing brand book in order to use more colors and images. In addition, customised CSS file was used for back end development of the investor portal. The new design engages the user to get in touch or log into the service platform.

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LUK Design

My main roles: business developer & administrator, customer relationship manager, marketing manager & service designer.

The company started from the scratch and developed into a full-functioning creative studio. We faced all possible obstacles but managed to overcome those with good sense of humour and hopes of bright future. For the first time in my life I dealt with guys like PRH, Vero & Te-toimisto. Learned all the needed processes in order to set up any business entity in Finland.

When the pink glasses of excitement vanished I faced the reality of having no more space for professional improvement. With the inner cognitive dissonance I sold the shares and moved on to the unknown future.

Project examples:


KONE Global Youth Camp

Staff member since 2012, program creator & facilitator

Camp was founded after the II WW in order to engage kids of KONE into the scout-type adventures. Nowadays, every year we host about 120 campers -- kids of KONE employees from all around the world. Camp takes place in Finland in the end of July. We are about 30 staff members from around the world as well. We start preparing the program for the camp about half a year in advance. It is hard voluntarily work that pays back enormously. I’m happy to think that thanks to camp I have a friend in so many countries in the world!




My main roles: project management & coordination, planning and execution, creative direction

We were the team of 11 from different study fields. SAKO came up with the concept of the safety system due to mortalities at hunting. I loved all about this project, the theme, people and innovative ideas for the solution. Firearm industry has a very certain appeal, it is controversial and makes one think & develop attitudes. After a month of leading the project, it was the most natural for me to add on a personal contribution in the form of Master’s thesis.

We developed the safety system integrated into the stock from the scratch to a full functioning prototype in just 7 months. We went to shooting range and hunting expos. When presenting the project on stage of final Gala event, my legs were fluttering beneath me. I felt proud and heartbroken to let it all go. Not all experiences can be repeated.
(The promo video was done by just 3 of us in the timeframe of 2 days).


Aalto in Africa

My main roles: organising team, program coordinator

The project was the third one in the row after Aalto on Tracks and Aalto on Waves. The preparation took us over one year. The main idea of the program diversity was to learn and co-create with the local communities and organisations. We gathered proposals of participants and shaped them into the program “matrix”. The trip was brimmed of adventurous & emotional experiences. Videos would deliver it better than words.



My roles: organising team, main program coordinator, conference host

Independently organised TED event for the Aalto community. We had a licence of 100 seats and over 400 applications. During 1 studying year we organised one life-streaming and one standalone events. My core interest was in the preparation of speakers & their presentations. I dived into studied the books & methods of Nancy Duarte who had worked with main TED speakers.

Wanna check my favourite TED talks?
Jonathan Haidt
Jane McGonigal
Jill Bolte Taylor
Brene Brown
David Eagleman
Dan Gilbert
Helen Fisher
Andrew Solomon



The event took place on 9-11 of June at Design Factory. It was the first big UXHel Design Weekend of 2017. The event was organised by UXify Helsinki team and I took the role of practicalities officer and project manager.

The event offered international and multidisciplinary participants the possibility to learn best practices from domain experts and apply them to compete in one of the Smart Cities challenges:
Cityzer Air quality and weather
Fortum CO2 Diet
HKL CityBike OpenData

The sponsors and partners of the event were companies such as Siili, Elisa, Oracle, FMI, Connected Finland, Helsinki City, Aalto Ventures Program, Haaga Helia University, Design Factory.


Simple web pages

With the help of several developers I do simple and clean web pages for small businesses. It is common that I would take the project lead in executing communications with the client and creating the visual style of the web page. It usually includes selecting the relevant template, main color schemes for the page (from scratch or working with the brandbook) and all visual materials if not provided by the client.

You can check some of them out-
Yoga Valo
Jan Kuovi
JC Fysio